Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Is this the best option for me?

Selling with an agent can be lengthy, with inspections, repairs, and fluctuating costs. We Buy Houses Fast assesses your situation, covers future expenses, and offers a fair price upfront, ensuring a quick and convenient sale.

2.) How does it work?

We eliminate middlemen, offer cash for your property, and handle repairs and selling costs while keeping our profit modest. This simplifies the process and speeds up your sales. Visit our “How it Works” page for more details.

3.) Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on trust and transparency. Our honest approach, fair offers, and commitment to serving Texas state make us a top choice for selling your home quickly and hassle-free.

4.) What happens after you buy my house?

We refurbish your house, handle repairs, and work with agents to sell it, boosting the value of your neighborhood and contributing to the local economy.

5.) How many houses do you buy?

We purchase multiple houses, offering competitive prices. This approach benefits both us and our clients, ensuring a win-win situation.

6.) How is the price determined?

We calculate the after-repair value (ARV), necessary repairs, selling costs, and our minimum profit to determine a fair price. We offer transparency in our calculations so you know exactly what you’re getting.

7.) Is the price fair?

We prioritize integrity and ensure a fair price based on transparent calculations. You’ll understand every aspect of our offer and how it’s determined.

8.) Do I need to clean my house before selling it to you?

You don’t need to clean or repair your house; we handle everything after purchase. This convenience is one of the advantages of selling to We Buy Houses Fast.

9.) Will you buy my house in poor condition?

Yes, we buy houses in poor condition and handle the necessary repairs and improvements. This approach saves you time and money, providing a quick and convenient sale.

10.) Is listing with an agent easier?

While listing with an agent can be an option, it often involves lengthy processes, showings, and repairs. Kind House Buyers can provide a better solution if you want a faster, hassle-free sale.

11.) Will you list my house on the MLS?

No, we don’t list houses on the MLS. We are direct buyers, offering a streamlined and efficient selling process.

12.) Should I list with an agent?

Listing with an agent is an option, but it can be a frustrating and lengthy process. We Buy Houses Fast provides a fast and convenient alternative to help you get the cash you want.

13.) How can I sell my house quickly for cash?

We Buy Houses Fast specializes in quick cash sales. We assess your property, calculate repair and selling costs, and offer a cash deal, closing in as little as 21 days.

14.) Do I pay fees and commissions?

You pay no fees or commissions when selling to We Buy Houses Fast. We handle these costs when we resell the house, providing a straightforward and cost-effective process for you.

15.) Am I obligated to work with you after completing the form?

There’s no obligation to work with us after filling out the form. You can change your mind at any point without incurring any costs. We only get paid based on the profit from buying and selling your house.

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